Typhoon Pirates
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"A storm is coming...if you can't handle it stay out of our way!"
—-Zankar Mirai

Typhoon Pirates
Typhoon Pirates
Japanese Name: ドラコ海賊
Romanized Name: taifuun Kaizoku
English Name: Typhoon Pirates
First Appearance: Unknown
Captain: Akashi Ryouta
Main Ship: StormBreaker
Total Bounty: Beli Small +460,000,000

The Typhoon Pirates(タイフーン ピラテス Taifū kaizoku) are a pirate crew which can trace their roots to East Blue original home of their Captain Akashi Ryouta.They have been named the typhoon pirates on account of Akashi's devil fruit ability leaving almost every Island they weigh anchor at looking like a hurricane had passed through by the the time they had left.However as several of these island were on the grand line these occurances have as yet been unlinked to them.They currently reside on a ship known as the stormbreaker the ship has taken them across the grandline and they are known nearing the New World.The majority of the Typhoon pirates seem to have little on know care for having high bounties though will always celebrate when there bounties are increased.

Crew MembersEdit

Typhoon Pirates
Akashi Wanted Poster Kaya Dekkar.D.Zephyr Wanted 120px
Akashi Ryouta Kaya Mai Dekker.D. Zephyr Warren Soren
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Ellie Murocovich Yamaha Kijuro Damien Thorn Haru Yugo