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Raiju Raiju no Mi Model: Qilin
Japanese Name: 雷獣雷獣の実モデル麒麟
English Name: Raiju Raiju no Mi Mode: QIlin
Meaning: Thunder Beast Thunder Beast Fruit Model: Kirin
First Appearance: None
Type: Mythical Zoan
Eaten by: Harlock D. Ray

The Raiju Raiju no MI Model: Qilin (雷獣雷獣の実モデル麒麟, Raiju Raiju no Mi Moderu: Kirin) is a mythical zoan type devil fruit that was consumed by founder and captain of the thunderhorse pirates, Harlock D. Ray. It is a devil fruit that allows the user to transform into or utilize the powers of a mythical creature known as the Qilin. "Raiju" (雷獣) is Japanese for "thunder beast", reflective of the nature of the powers and abilities it grants to the user upon consumption.

The fruit originates from Judas Island, where the tribes people and the supposed guardian spirits of the small tropical island protected it for centuries before it was finally eaten by a young Harlock D. Ray, thus transforming him into a devil fruit user and kicking off his namesake as the legendary thunder beast who is now coveted and feared throughout many of the worlds oceans.


The Raiju Raiju no Mi was a forbidden object coveted as something cursed by the tribes people of judas, the island which it originated from. For hundreds of years the fruit remained sealed away in a secret chamber, protected fiercely by the tribe warriors of judas island, as well as the supposed guardian spirits which kept outsiders from finding and seizing the fruit as their own property. After washing up on judas island, a starving and severely malnourished Harlock D. Ray was fed the fruit by a village child in an attempt to save his life, thus restoring his strength, while granting him the ability to use the vast and devastating powers of the fruit as well.

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