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Den Den Entertainment Snail
Japanese Name: でんでんエンターテインメントカタツムリ
Romanized Name: Den Den Entāteinmentokatatsumuri
English Name: Snail Entertainment System
First Appearance: Grand Voyage
The Den Den Entertainment Snail, often simply called the DDES, or, more commonly, the DES, is a new form of Den Den Mushi technology invented by a mysterious company called Dentendo, that appears in Grand Voyage.  Each DES is a simple television Den Den Mushi with two more attachments. One is a slot where the owner can insert a form of printed circuit board into (called "Game Cartridges"), and the other is a slot where one or two joysticks/controllers can be placed in. This attachment is connected to several nerves in the snail's eyes. When one inserts the cartridge, they can play a video game. However, these games are very primitive (usually being about the level of Space Invaders, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and even Pong). The game is controlled by the controller(s). A DES is first seen during the Return to Saobody Arc, where Carson reveals he used some money from his gambling to buy a used one for The Falling Sky's Game Room.